HIGH HILL PRODUCTIONS Presents: Joshland Shervette

The Stories And Lyrics Behind First Full Length Album, "I'm Just Sayin' ".


Joshland Shervette
Music Produced by Spark It Productions. All lyrics written and vocals performed, arranged, produced, engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joshland Shervette for High Hill Productions.



The Story Behind Schizo

Schizo is a song I wrote about a man that I came in contact with a few years ago of whom I believed to be schizophrenic.  I did not write this song to make fun of him or anyone else who suffers from schizophrenia.  Instead, I wanted to express in this song that mental illness is a serious issue, and it definitely cannot be ignored when you are dealing with people.  A schizophrenic person could be your co-worker, your family member, a stranger, or the person you are dating.  Whatever the case may be, schizophrenia does exist and it is very real.  

I did some research about people who suffer from schizophrenia. In my research, I found that schizophrenia is more prevalent in males, than in females. I came across some stories about women who have dated men who suffer from this disorder.  In one of the stories, this woman was dating a man who was acting abnormally; he was verbally and physically abusive; his hygiene was inconsistent; he would be sweet one minute and evil the next; he would have hallucinations about people doing him harm; he would speak erratically; he would laugh at inappropriate situations. These instances are included but not limited to schizophrenia.  

Some of the females I researched found help for these males by way of doctors and medication, and eventually married them.  I was absolutely shocked by their actions.  In my opinion, it is far too difficult to help a male who suffers from a mental illness.  For your own safety, just let him go.

This troubled man has to realize that he has a problem. When or if he is prescribed medication by a doctor, he might remain mentally unstable.  This is why he needs God's help even if he does receive help from a doctor.  Only GOD alone can help him and heal him. You are not God. Do Not try to help him.  If it is the Lord's will for you to be with him and marry him, God will orchestrate it; God will finish what He started. 

Ladies!  You cannot save him!  It is best to pray to the Lord for his healing.  Then, listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit!!! When He (God and/or The Holy Spirit) tells you to stop seeing him, then you need to stop seeing him!   That is it!  On the other hand, there are some things you do not need to pray about.  You need to follow your intuition.  Get out of there when you see something troubling about the man you are seeing.  If you can't seem to stand up and leave him alone, ask the Lord to help you do it.  That is what He is there for.



Schizo - Song Lyrics


You're a schizo

And I know that I gotta go


I have tried to understand you

But it's impossible and I'm always confused

You criticize me in everything I do

I don't even have a clue

I don't know how you could be so rude

But I'm sayin'

I am done with you


I realize

And I finally

Opened my eyes

And I know

You're a schizo

And I know

That I gotta go


I believe that you have mental problems

And you need a doctor to help you solve them

I don't have to sit here and take this

I know a good man will see how much my worth is

I am sorry I called you a worthless piece of garbage

I did not know that you were mentally sick

I thought that you were just being mean to me

But now I can see that your mind is crazy

I have to escape from this living hell

So I'm leaving you to be by myself

I am quickly running out that door

Cuz I can't even take this anymore

Now that I know that I cannot help you

I will pray that God will help you through


I realize

And I finally

Opened my eyes

And I know

You're a schizo

And I know

That I gotta go


I have had it up to the sky

With your unimpressive lies

That you have told me time after time

You even tried to act like you cried

You are insane and I can't deny

You really need a psychiatrist

So I'm moving on and you will not be missed

And right now

You are dismissed