HIGH HILL PRODUCTIONS Presents: Joshland Shervette

The Stories and Lyrics Behind 5 Song EP, "Set Aside: The EP".

Set Aside (To Be By Your Side)

Joshland Shervette
Music Produced by Spark It Productions. All lyrics written and vocals performed, arranged, produced, engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joshland Shervette for High Hill Productions.


The Story Behind Set Aside (To Be By Your Side)


Set Aside (To Be By Your Side) is the last song on the Set Aside: The EP project.  In this song, I wrote the fairytale of my dreams.  I pictured how it would feel to have the love of my life come, and finally show himself to me. Basically, I wanted a happy ending to Set Aside: The EP.  After all of the drama that happened to Joshland Shervette, the Lord sends her the man of her dreams!!!!! Yay!!!!!


Set Aside (To Be By Your Side)-Song Lyrics


Set aside, set aside to be by your side

Set aside, set aside to be by your side


I've met so many guys time after time

Why can't I have one boyfriend in my life

But they don't they don't qualify

I can't be satisfied, with a man who does not know Christ

But then I met you, my soulmate for life

I knew the first time, I looked into your eyes

That you were the guy, to love me til the end of time

Until the day that I die


Set aside, set aside to be your side

Set aside, set aside to be your side


Hey girl, the first time I looked in your eyes

I knew you were set aside for me

And I know you've been waiting for such a long long time.....               you know, um on Jesus Christ 

You know, but I'm lettin' you know that I'm here, girl

Now I'm here to make you all mine

Because you were set aside by Jesus Christ

And now you know why....so that I can look in your eyes, and love you all the time

And that's real.....I love you, and I will always be there for you

No matter what, through thick and thin, on me you can always depend

Because, you know, you're for me and I'm for you, and that's the way God made it 

So, uh, let's just walk into the next.....let's walk into the next level, you know, hand in hand with each other

And, you know, we can make it, with Jesus Christ everything is possible, we can make it, we can do this together

Aight?  Let's do this.


I know that I was created just for you

And me for you

Love of my life

So be my wife

Are you for real

I am for real

Oooohhhh, then yes I will

Good, (sigh) I'm so glad you said yes

So, I was figurin' we could go to Vegas

And then.... we could......go on our honeymoon to the Carribean

You know, and kick back, and just enjoy life together, you know

And um....we could just go on from there, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

You feel me?  Yeah